Midea's US Market Launch

Project Overview

Midea, one of China's largest electronics companies, tasked SJ Design Studio with introducing its air conditioning line to the U.S. market. Our studio was responsible for designing, translating, and distributing a comprehensive product catalog showcasing their full line of products across the United States.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

SJ Design Studio managed the entire process from start to finish, overcoming significant logistical challenges due to the Midea executives being based in China. Our team adeptly translated technical terms and marketing materials from Chinese to English, ensuring clarity and accessibility for the U.S. audience.

Culturally Adapted Marketing

Understanding the importance of market-specific visuals, we conducted tailored photoshoots to create images that resonate with U.S. consumers. These photos were crucial in illustrating the unique features and benefits of Midea's air conditioners, aligning with American aesthetic preferences and standards.

Efficient Execution and Distribution

From design to print, every step was executed with precision. We managed the extensive printing and nationwide distribution of the catalogs, ensuring they reached a wide array of retailers and industry professionals across the U.S., effectively broadening Midea's reach.


By seamlessly handling every aspect of this complex project, SJ Design Studio not only facilitated Midea’s successful entry into the U.S. market but also demonstrated our capability to execute large-scale international marketing campaigns. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in bridging cultural and logistical gaps, making us a trusted partner for global brands looking to expand their footprint.