Samsung CS Video Creation and Localization

Project Overview

SJ Design Studio partnered with Samsung to create a short video showcasing the benefits of a Samsung account, localized into 45 languages and distributed across 80 websites globally.

Efficient Production and Localization

We specialize in rapid, cost-effective content production. For this project, we developed a dynamic storyboard and advanced animations. Using AI for initial translations into 45 languages, we ensured speed and precision, with each version undergoing thorough quality assurance by professional linguists for cultural and linguistic accuracy.

Outcome and Impact

The result was a series of culturally resonant videos that effectively communicated the advantages of a Samsung account to a global audience. Our innovative approach confirmed our capability to handle complex, multi-lingual projects efficiently and within budget.

Client Satisfaction and Future Prospects

Samsung's satisfaction with our work highlights our expertise in global content delivery. SJ Design Studio is recognized as a reliable partner for brands aiming to achieve a worldwide impact swiftly and affordably, showcasing our commitment to excellence and ability to deliver superior outcomes across diverse markets.